Unlocking & Expanding Creativity & Creative Potential

2014-07-17 10.23.21

A kundalini Yoga & Meditation workshop to support you in finding ways to connect with and expand your creative life force energy.

You are a powerful creative force

Whether aware of it or not we are all either consciously or unconsciously creating many of the circumstances of our lives.

What we allow ourselves to think about or to dwell upon impacts how we feel,  this then informs how we respond to ourselves, others and also life in general. It is a creative circuitry that has an enormous impact on the algorithms of our lives.

How positive and vital we feel depends much upon how powerful we believe ourselves to be as the co creators of our life experience.

While we may not be able to always control what happens in life, we can control how we respond to it!

October 21st 3:30-5:30 @ East of Eden Studio 1,, 14 Hatherley Mews, Walthamstow E17 4QP Google map

£25 Investment 

Booking must be made directly with the studio – BOOK HERE