Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation – Moorgate

Kundalini is often called the yoga of awareness. It is one of the more spiritual styles of yoga. Kundalini focuses on breath and movement and challenges the students both physically and mentally. Kundalini is one of the oldest forms of yoga. Initially it was never taught publicly, until Yogi Bhajan challenged the secrecy and started teaching it openly in the West in 1968.

Learn how to strengthen your entire body – Clarify and uplift your thoughts and mind – Increase your vitality – Balance your mood and emotions – Release tensions – Experience deep peace – Feel fully charged and alive

Classes are a dynamic blend of postures, Pranayama, music, mantra and meditation, which teach the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation.

Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SF, United Kingdom (Google Map)

Thursday Evening Class

Every Thursday 6:00pm – 7:30pm

End your  work week with energy, purpose and intention, and invigorate yourself using the dynamic tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Immersing yourself in these powerful 90 mins sessions will totally recharge and reboot your system.

Investment £10 drop in

Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and strength of the spirit within.