Bhupinder testimonial

Working with Ashley has taught me how to use my brain and rational mind together with my heart and intuitive brain to identify problems and find clever solutions to overcome them. The highlight for me has been the realization that the problems and their solutions are inside me and there are a number of simple tools that fit within my busy lifestyle that can make an enormous change to my internal and external world. It has been great working with Ashley. B. Grewal

Becky testimonial

Ashley Jones was one of my students for a number of years, she has a natural intuitive talent and ability to make people feel comfortable in her presence. These personality traits lead me to trust her to look after many of my clients when I have had a full schedule. Ashley also became my partner in many teaching opportunity’s including taking her as assistant teacher on retreats. With this personal and professional experience of Ashley I can highly recommend her as a fantastic person and trust worthy intuitive. Becky Walsh

Simon testimonial

Ashley is an inspiring teacher who has taken my kundalini experience to a new level. She plans each step to suit the student and makes sure the sessions, while sometimes challenging, end in a smile.

Simon Edlesten.