My Story

For the last decade or so I have been firmly traversing a path of consciousness expansion.
 For me that manifested as knowing something was amiss, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It bared no relevance to what was happening outside of myself, for I had good friends, a loving family, a good education, some good lovers, success at work. All the things I was supposed to want  that would  make me happy. At times I was happy. It is quite simply that whether happy or sad, up or down, there was a sense of lack, that something was missing, it was never enough, I felt I was never enough on some level, and I asked, well who am I to feel this way? I am one of the lucky ones. I don’t live with the threat of starvation, or of being tortured for my beliefs. My life expectancy is high.

In 1999 I had some kind of awakening whilst reading a book, Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walch. In it Neal didn’t talk about the God I had heard about in school. I didn’t grow up with much religion, but what I had pieced together was an image of some man holding a book of rules that if you didn’t follow there would be no happily ever after for you! And if you happened to be reading from the wrong book you were in also trouble for only one book  contained the truth, which created arguments about which one it was.

I decided to stay well clear. And so it seemed quite the mystery that I should be drawn to such a title. Let alone finish the book. But within those pages I heard a truth that resonated so deeply  that I had an experience of direct knowing. Without doubt I knew, that I was more than I had perceived myself to be. Some call it soul, some, God nature, Buddha nature, life force, chi, awareness, love, the entire universe, among  others. It seemed mysterious to me and no word fully encompasses  that which I felt, for the first time, being in deep peace and comfortable in my own skin. I knew this feeling as love, without condition just as it was, without the need to change a thing. A moment of surrender, it was bliss. 

And then life happened and with as with many life stories the spectrum of change continued. Happy times, sad times and everything in between, but that experience on the beach in Cape Cod changed me forever. I realised in that moment that all I had thought I needed or required to be happy was already there within me. I didn’t  need anything.

During the years that followed I launched myself into a journey of self inquiry on both the physical and the spiritual levels. I firmly believe that within the core of our being, not just some beings but all, there is a still quiet centre that is totally at peace with whatever is showing up in our lives in each and every moment, moment by moment. In every moment there is a choice, to tell a story, or discover the truth.

I have come to experience the true power of my mind. At times my greatest ally and others my greatest foe. I have experienced  states of surrender and moments of  discomfort, the more I am willing to stop and fully experience any moment, the more I am willing to give up the struggle of the ego and begin to create instead from a place of deeper authenticity, one not shaped by my past experiences or future expectations.

Along my journey I have acquired many skilful tools that allow us to disengage our alliance with our egoic story telling mind and to align us to the conscious intelligence of who we are.
Dissolving blocks that thwart us from experiencing our true potential. Sharing this is what I came to do, using the tools I have acquired and the learning of my experience.

e=mc2 We are space, pure energy that holds our small percentage of matter together. Perhaps it is love that fills that space and that which we are.

To live our lives in joy and love is our birthright

Our time to shine is NOW!

Ashley x