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Create a life you love and everyone benefits.

I believe our thoughts create our reality. The way we think about things shapes our experience of  it. If I think, this situation is always rubbish for me I always have a bad experience here, then chances are the majority of the time this will be my perception of it.

We can view our experiences in life from one of two vantage points, either this always happens to me and that’s why I think that, or I think this and thus my experience reflects that back to me. In one we are the victim of the world we see. Things just happen over which we have no effect, all we can do is hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed. In the other we are not passive observers but empowered creators. If we can create something we don’t want we can also create something we do by changing our thought about it.

Thought patterns become entrenched as our brain is conditioned into having certain thought patterns based upon past experience and the conditioning we received at a young age, in adulthood  we look for proof of this conditioning in the world outside of ourselves.

Occasionally there are periods in life when we don’t feel that things are flowing positively,  we may feel stuck or blocked in a particular area; relationships, work, creativity, health and there are times when we just feel there is general discord between how we would like our life to be and our experience of it in the day to day. Perceived blocks that appear to thwart you from leading a contented fulfilled life are road signs, letting you know that you have outgrown a concept of yourself or belief  held. These are often uncomfortable times but if we take the view point that we can effect positive change in our lives then we can.

I am here to assist you in that. I have acquired a skilled set of tools and resources to bring to light to the beliefs which are not supporting your best efforts. I have experienced and studied many different schools of thought and practise, some eastern and some western these include, Psycho synthesis,  Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT training, Kundalini Yoga and teacher training programme, A Course in Miracles, Advanced psychic studies and intensive retreats with teachers Gangaji and Mooji among attending countless self development and healing workshops and nurturing an intensive library on the subject.

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